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Understanding Your Legal Real Estate Invoice – Why Cheaper Is Not Always Better

I am constantly receiving calls from prospective Purchaser and Vendor clients, looking for me to provide them with a quote for my legal fees.  The unfortunate truth is that competition within the legal field has caused prices to drop, which

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De Bartolo-Morgan Law and the Mamas & Chicks Holiday Show

This year De Bartolo-Morgan Law is taking part in the Mamas & Chicks Holiday Show on Friday November 22nd, 2013. There will be raffles, swag bags, and lots of amazing businesses catered to moms, dads, children and families. It should be a lot

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Avoiding Land Transfer Tax the Second Time Around

I learned something new today that I thought would be useful to not only my clients, but also my colleagues, as I was given conflicting information by a few lawyers I know who really didn’t know the answer. A client

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The 5 Most Important Reasons To Have A Lawyer Draft Your Will Today

Of all the areas of law I practice, it is Will drafting that most often gets put on the back burner by clients. I have waited years for some clients to get me the information I require to begin drafting

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Preparing for the possibility of mortgage rate interest hikes

The steady decline of mortgage rates may in fact prove to be dangerous to current homeowners on a tight budget.  I have heard from many of my peers working in the mortgage industry that an increasing amount of homebuyers are

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Welcome to the new home of De Bartolo-Morgan Law

Welcome to my new site, and very first blog post.  Please take an opportunity to have a look through my new website.  I am excited to be introducing the new and improved De Bartolo-Morgan Law to Brooklin, Whitby, and all

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