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Welcome to my new site, and very first blog post.  Please take an opportunity to have a look through my new website.  I am excited to be introducing the new and improved De Bartolo-Morgan Law to Brooklin, Whitby, and all of Durham Region.

Some things that have changed include a narrowing of my practice areas.  De Bartolo-Morgan Law will now be specializing in Real Estate, Wills, and Corporate Law.  By concentrating my focus, I hope to meet the needs of Durham Region residents.

I welcome all my clients, as well as potential clients, to peruse the websites of other local law offices.  I am confident that my prices are among the lowest in Durham Region, and the quality of legal services are second to none.  I would also welcome visitors to my website to read through client testimonials.  My approach to personal legal services has been widely praised by my clients.

Anyone who has previously dealt with a law office may have experienced a rather intimidating and impersonal atmosphere.  At De Bartolo-Morgan Law, I insist on personal service.  Clients are able to reach me via email or phone, and are not passed between secretaries.  My clients get what they are paying for, the time and expertise of a lawyer.  In addition, we offer a comfortable and inviting space, where clients can feel at ease.

I will be updating my blog on a regular basis, with updates on everything and anything my clients may find helpful, including real estate trends, changes in the law, and local developments.  Please sign up via email for updates to my blog.

Thanks for visiting my website, and I hope to work with you soon.  – Annalise

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