$849.00 + HST

*This fee is for a standard residential sale of a home in the Greater Toronto Area, and includes all disbursements and the payout of one mortgage or secured debt. Additional debts to be paid out on closing will be charged at a rate of $30 per debt, plus applicable disbursements. Our legal services, when acting on the sale of your property, include the following: review of the Agreement of Purchase and Sale, responding to the Buyer’s requisition letter, all other disbursements incurred in the regular course of business (ie: mailing, fax, phone), meeting with you once to sign all pertinent documentation, payout of one mortgage or secured debt, and providing you with a final report and certified closing funds.

Any sale that the lawyer deems non-standard will incur additional charges. Please consult with your lawyer if there are any unusual circumstances to your closing, including, but not limited to, signing by Power of Attorney, rural property closings, or a closing with 5 or less days notice to the lawyer.

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