Real Estate Law

Disclaimer: All prices are based on residential homes bought and sold within Durham Region under $500,000.00. If the purchase or sale price exceeds $500,000.00, or you are buying outside of Durham Region, additional disbursements may apply.  If you are buying in Toronto, additional Land Transfer Tax may be applied.  All prices quoted are for standard residential real estate transactions, including one mortgage to be either arranged or discharged. We reserve the right to refuse any retainer. Fees are subject to change without notice.


$799.00 + HST

Price is all inclusive of disbursements, and the discharge of one mortgage registered on title.


$1199.00 + HST

Price includes all disbursements including Title Insurance.

Additional costs are limited to Deed and Mortgage Registration charges of $74.72 per registration, and your Land Transfer Tax based on the purchase price of your home.

Mortgage Re-Finance

$899.99 + HST (inclusive of all disbursements)

Includes the discharge of one mortgage, and the registration of one new mortgage.