$1099.00 + HST

*This fee is for a standard residential purchase of a home in the Greater Toronto Area with a purchase price not exceeding $500,000.00 with one new mortgage, and includes all disbursements normally incurred on a purchase, save and except for the following list of disbursements which are charged in addition to our fee:  HST, land transfer tax, government registration of deed and mortgage, title insurance, the cost of a condominium status certificate, Teranet fees, government charges, payment for letters from creditors’ lawyers regarding similar name executions, and any requested off-title searching.  Our legal services, when acting on the purchase of your property, include the following:  review of the Agreement of Purchase and Sale, receipt of Mortgage instructions, searching title, requisitioning the seller’s lawyer for any title matter, preparation of your Deed and Mortgage, arranging title insurance, meeting with you once to sign all pertinent documentation, registration of deed and mortgage, payment of land transfer tax, providing you with a final report, and all other disbursements incurred in the regular course of business (ie: mailing, fax, phone).

Any purchase that the lawyer deems non-standard will incur additional charges.   Please consult with your lawyer if there are any unusual circumstances to your closing, including, but not limited to, signing by Power of Attorney, properties outside the GTA, rural properties, closings with 5 or less days notice to the lawyer, private lenders,  lenders not associated with a major bank, or multiple mortgages.

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